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    Introducing WElearn Tutoring center

    Introducing WElearn tutoring center: WElearn tutoring was established on July 23, 2019 with the full name is WElearn Vietnam Co., Ltd. Head office at 38 Street 23, LinhChieu Ward, ThuDuc District, HoChiMinh City. WElearn always chooses values ​​quality than quantity. Each WElearn customer is always dedicated and detailed advice tailored to each student. That was confirmed when more than 90% of customers cooperated with the center to give a good evaluation to the center in the survey tables, 80% of customers asked to cooperate for the next times. To do that, WElearn always strives to improve itself and satisfy customers as much as possible and have its own declarations and missions.

    Mission of WElearn

    1. Improve knowledge for students, supplement their knowledge to make learning simpler. Contribute to improving the quality of teaching and learning for future generations of VietNam country.
    2. A place to connect tutors together, creating a large community of tutors in VietNam. A place to help you satisfy your passion for teaching and earn extra income. Join our community.

    Stunning of WElearn

    1. Commitment to the quality of teaching with a team of carefully selected tutors. There are +600 tutors currently
    2. Tutors solid knowledge and seasoned experience.
    3. Information and images are clearly and transparently disclosed in the media.
    4. Always explore the best in learning to improve the quality of teaching.

    We have

    1. Continuous connection between parents and tutors.
    2. Stable quality, going up from base knowledge.
    3. The procedure is fast, simple and economical.
    4. Effective teaching and learning will improve.

    WElearn service packs

    1. Request tutorFreeFree
    2. Consulting, make a suitable scheduleFreeFree
    3. Maximum finding tutor timeThree daysOne day
    4. Choose the right tutor profile as requiredFreeFree
    5. Judging the quality of tutorsThree secssionsOne month
    6. ContactDon’t haveHave
    7. Report teaching processDon’t haveHave
    8. Responsible for the teaching.Don’t haveHave
    9. Exam every 2 weeksDon’t haveHave
    10. Change tutor if have no successRequest againHave